VOSTROM conducts ongoing research into many aspects of network security, performance and reliability, much of which is released free of charge to the public domain.

Our current customer-funded research interests include:

  • IP Network Path Analysis and Geocoding
  • Lawful Intercept within IP Networks
  • Large-scale Distributed Data Collection
  • Network Defense Applications using IP Sinkholes

If you have a significant network-related challenge that needs to be met the first time around, please contact us to find out how you can put VOSTROM's research, development teams and experience to work in order to accomplish your goals.


Has your infrastructure or application grown beyond the scale or complexity that automated vulnerability assessments handle properly? Are you looking for a security partner instead of an automated security report? When you're ready for an experienced, human approach to any sort of network or security assessment, look no further than VOSTROM.


Having integrated systems for the world's most admired companies and largest scale telecom operators, VOSTROM is available to help you architect your network or security infrastructure when vendor reference architectures fall short.