The Prefix WhoIs Widget

Displays prefixes present in a simple MacOS X widget!

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Prefix WhoIs Widget

A simple MacOS X widget that displays the number of prefixes present within the global Internet routing table and allows the user to submit queries using a familiar Dashboard interface.

Prefix WhoIs displays the Origin-ASN and other interesting information related to the most specific prefix currently advertised within the Internet's global routing table that corresponds to the IP address in your query.

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Prefix WhoIs Project

The Prefix WhoIs Project provides a whois-compatible client and server framework for disclosing various up-to-date routing information. Instead of using registrar-originated network information (which is often unspecific or inaccurate), Prefix WhoIs uses the Internet's global routing table as gleaned from a number of routing peers around the world. Other sources of information, such as imported data from ARIN are also supported (a separate agreement with ARIN is required).

You may visit the software pages to get copies of the source code, download the programs, or learn more about the project. A summary of what the Prefix WhoIs Widget project offers is below: